Northumbrian Cambridge Association

NCA President Bill Telford with 2018 Freshers

What ExecutiveCommittee Members Do

For specific duties, see the table and links below to identify who to contact, or email 

Heather, Gilbert and Sue are ex-officio members respectively as President, Secretaty and Treasurer.

The NCA Executive Committee has at least five further non ex-officio members. We are open to adding a few further members.

All NCA Committee members:

  • Attend five committee meetings per year (January, March, May, September, November) and provide a
    supporting advisory role. 

  • Organise one NCA event per year, and research and propose events and activities:
    • Determine costs and feasibility.
    • Check out venue in advance, where appropriate.
    • Be present for the event to ensure its smooth running.
    • Events each year are currently: Winter Outing, Annual Dinner, Spring Outing, Spring Walk, Summer Outing,
      Freshers’ Welcome, Autumn Concert, AGM & Annual Lecture, Freshers’ Reunion, Christmas Lunch,
      Festive Afternoon Tea & Film
  • Attend NCA events, where it is possible (especially Annual Dinner and AGM & Annual Lecture):
    • Provide a supporting advisory role.
    • Be visible to and supportive of the Membership.
    • Assure a welcome for participants on arrival at each organised event (especially new members)
  • Act as a liaison between the Membership and the Committee (transmitting ideas, complaints or suggestions).

Updated November 2019

 Committee Member Contact Information 

Prof. Heather Cordell

46 Dene Garth
NE42 6AP

01661 832788

07752 640683   

Em.Prof. Gilbert Cockton
(St John's)

1 Osborne Gardens
Whitley Bay
NE26 3PG

0191 2533079

Sue Austin

116 Queens Road
Whitley Bay
Tyne and Wear
NE26 3AU

0191 253 1269

Mr Vinny Holden

9 Fernwood Avenue
Newcastle upon Tyne

0191 2840605

07810 846680

Dr. Peter Cleland 

45 Montagu Ave
Newcastle upon Tyne
NE3 4JJ 

Mr Colin Dunnighan

Arnold Fairless
(St. John's)

Elm Bank Road
NE41 8HS

Rob Tindall
(St John's)

Frankham High House Fourstones
Hexham NE47 5DL

 01434 674324

Andrew Young

Dartford House,
1 Maude St.
Darlington, DL3 7PW.

01325258483 07901885234





Duties of Office Bearers


Updated November 2019

  • Chairing executivecommittee meetings, Annual Dinner & AGM.

  • Responsibility for the maintenance of the Constitution of the NCA.

  • Arranging for the appointment of committee members.

  • Arranging the speaker for the Annual Lecture.

  • Superintending the annual programme of events & activities.

  • Liaising with the Secretary on:

    • the agenda for, and business of, the committee
    • the twice-yearly newsletter
    • the winter and summer mailings
    • posting (email, post) of the event flyers
    • posting (email) of the event reminders
  • Liaising with the Membership Secretary on important or relevant membership issues.

  • Liaising with the Treasurer (and Auditor) on important or relevant financial issues

  • Liaison with Cambridge University and Development Alumni Relations (CUDAR) on NCA Events.

Honorary Secretary

Updated November 2019

  • Liaising with the membership on NCA matters.

  • Taking the minutes at committee meetings.

  • Circulating the agenda, minutes and accompanying documentation for committee meetings.

  • Handling matters arising from committee meetings.

  • Liaising with NCA committee members on:

    • Agenda and documentation for committee meetings
    • Matters arising from committee meetings
    • Arrangements for NCA events and activities
  • Liaising with the President on the:

    • Agenda for, and business of, the committee.
    • Twice-yearly newsletter.
    • Winter and summer Mailings.
  • Liaising with the Membership Secretary on:

    • Membership List.
    • New members.
    • Renewal of subscriptions.
    • Other relevant membership business.
  • Liaising with the Treasurer on relevant financial issues.

  • Liaison with Cambridge University Alumni Relations (CUDAR) on NCA Events.

  • Managing Events.

    • Receiving details from event organisers for the flyer.
    • Drawing up the final form of the flyer.
    • Responsibility  for collections and payments in connection with NCA events and activities
    • Receiving booking forms, menu choices (where relevant) and payments from members for events and activities.
    • Producing a guest list for events and sharing this with the committee and organisers.
    • Liaison with the Treasurer and passing on of cheques and receipts.
  • Sending out (post, email) the Mailings.

    • Agenda for and business of the Committee.
    • Posting of Winter (January) and Summer (July) Mailings.
    •  Posting (email, post) of twice-yearly Newsletters (January, July).
    • Posting (email, post) of event flyers.
    • Posting (email) of event reminders.

Membership Secretary

Updated November 2019

  • Liaising with the Membership on Membership matters.

    • Giving notice of Membership Subscription renewal.

  • Reporting to Committee on Membership matters.

  • Maintenance of the Membership List.

    • Updating of members’ address details and status.
    • Sharing of membership changes (new members, deaths, updating of address details, etc.)
      with Treasurer, President and Secretary.
  • Recruitment.

    • New Members.
    • Liaison with Cambridge University Alumni Relations on Membership or Recruitment matters.

Honorary Treasurer

Updated November 2019

  • Managing the financial affairs of the NCA as follows:

  • Checking, paying into and managing the NCA’s bank account.

  • Liaising with the Membership on financial matters.

  • Reporting to the Committee on financial matters.

  • Collection, accounting and tracking of Membership Subscriptions.

  • Responsibility for collections & payments in connection with NCA events & activities.

  • Production of Annual Statement of Accounts for the AGM.

  • Liaison with the President, Secretary and Auditor on financial matters.

  • Sharing changes to the Membership List with the Membership Secretary, President and Secretary.

  • Liaison with the Membership Secretary with regard to annual subscriptions.

Honorary Auditor

Updated November 2019

  • Auditing the Annual Statement of Accounts prepared by the Treasurer.

    • Annually reviewing the balance sheet, profit and loss.
    • Verifying the cash reserves to the bank statements.
  • Liaising with the Treasurer and President.

Website Manager

Updated November 2019

  • Managing the NCA websites:

    • Re-registering the NCA domain annually (with Yola).
    • Renewing the NCA account annually (with Yola).
  • Updating the NCA websites with:

    • Information about the Association
    • Committee information.
    • Events and activities,
    • Photographs.
  • Reporting to the Committee on website matters.

  • Liaising with Cambridge University Alumni Relations (CUDAR).