NCA Visit to Forth Banks Police Headquarters (11.2.17)

This was the first group to visit the Forth Banks Police Station, an ultra-modern police facility opened in 2014. The tour was conducted by Acting Sergeant 1604 Rob Mills, an engaging man with 20 years' experience on the force. After congregating in the reception area, we had coffee and tea in Training Room 1, where Sergeant Mills valiantly but unsuccessfully attempted to set up a visual presentation on the malfunctioning IT equipment. He gave his presentation nevertheless and it was robust, informative and entertaining. He fielded a large number of questions from NCA members, some of whom were connected with the legal profession. He introduced to the life of the modern police officer, the arrest procedures, his equipment, the changing protocols of law enforcement. After the presentation he took us on a tour of the building.  We saw the beautiful atrium with its expert combination of modern and Victorian features. We were taken outside and entered by the route taken into the building by officers and those in custody. We saw the initial receiving area, the main operating desk, the modern cells, the (small) exercise yard, the interview rooms. It was a fascinating visit and we thanked him warmly for it. Members had lunch together afterwards at the nearby Mantra Thai Dining restaurant.