On Thursday, March 8, Andrena and Bill Telford organised the Annual Dinner of the Northumbrian Cambridge Association at St John's, which was a great success. The St John's staff were excellent, and provided a magnificent seventies menu for us with two bottles of (Fairtrade) wine at each of the five tables of six that were set up in the Tristram room. Everyone loved the SCR, where we held our pre-dinner reception.

We had an exhibition devoted to the seventies, which Andrena (among other things) created and set up in the Ruth Etchells Room. James Wright, our President, gave a fine welcome and an introduction to Cambridge in the seventies, and Roger Mills and I gave reminiscences of our time there. John Cannon provided a newspaper sheet of seventies events as well as a quiz, and fielded the results in his own inimitable way. Two bottles of wine were given as a prize, and the Raffle, which made £50 for the Society, went very well. The prize was the book, 'Cambridge. An 800th Anniversary Portrait'.