Committee Remits

1.    Committee Members.

Membership of the NCA Committee entails the following for all members:

  • Attendance at Committee meetings (five per year, January, March, May, September, November) and providing a supporting advisory role.
  • Organisation of one or two NCA events per year (February excursion, Annual Dinner, Spring Walk, Summer Outing, Freshers’ Party, Autumn Music Event, AGM & Annual Lecture, Festive Lunch & Afternoon Tea Events):
  • Researching and proposing events and activities.
  • Determining costs and feasibility.
  • Checking out the venue in advance, where appropriate.
  • Being present for the event to ensure its smooth running.
  • Attendance at NCA events, where it is possible (especially Annual Dinner and AGM & Annual Lecture):
  • Providing a supporting advisory role.
  • Being visible to the Membership.
  • Being supportive of the Membership.
  • Assuring a welcome for participants on arrival at each organised event (especially new members).
  • Acting as a liaison between the Membership and the Committee (transmitting ideas, complaints or suggestions).


The duties of the office-bearers, in addition, are as follows:

2.    President.

  • Chairmanship of Committee meetings, Annual Dinner & AGM.
  • Responsibility for the maintenance of the Constitution of the NCA.
  • Arranging for the appointment of Committee members.
  • Arranging the speaker for the Annual Lecture.
  • Superintending the annual programme of events & activities.
  • Liaising with the Secretary on:
  • the agenda for and business of the Committee.
  • the twice-yearly Newsletter.
  • the Spring, Summer & Autumn Mailings.
  • Liaising with the Membership Secretary on important or relevant Membership issues.
  • Liaising with the Treasurer (and Auditor) on important or relevant financial issues.

3.    Hon. Secretary.

  • Liaising with the Membership on NCA matters.
  • Taking the Minutes at Committee Meetings.
  • Circulating the Agenda, Minutes and accompanying documentation for Committee meetings.
  • Handling matters arising from Committee meetings.
  • Liaising with NCA Committee members on:
  • Agenda and documentation for Committee meetings.
  • Matters arising from Committee meetings.
  • Arrangements for NCA events & activities.
  • Liaising with the President on:
  • the agenda for and business of the Committee.
  • the twice-yearly Newsletter.
  • the Spring, Summer & Autumn Mailings.
  • Liaising with the Membership Secretary on:
  • Membership List.
  • New Members.
  • Renewal of Subscriptions.
  • Other relevant Membership business.
  • Liaising with the Treasurer on relevant financial issues.
  • Liaison with Cambridge University Alumni Relations on NCA Events.
  • Managing Events.
  • Receiving details from event organisers for the flyer.
  • Drawing up the final form of the flyer.
  • Receiving booking forms, menu choices (where relevant) and payments from members for events and activities.
  • Producing a guest list for events and sharing this with the Committee and organisers.
  • Liaison with the Treasurer and passing on of cheques & receipts.
  • Sending out (post, email) the Mailings.
  • Posting of Winter (January), Spring (March/April), Summer (July) and Autumn (October) Mailings.
  • Posting (email, post) of twice-yearly Newsletters (January, July).

4.    Membership Secretary.

  • Liaising with the Membership on Membership matters.
  • Giving notice of Membership Subscription renewal.
  • Reporting to Committee on Membership matters.
  • Maintenance of the Membership List.
  • Updating of members’ address details and status.
  • Sharing of membership changes (new members, deaths, updating of address details, etc.) with Treasurer, President and Secretary.
  • Recruitment.
  • New Members.
  • Liaison with Cambridge University Alumni Relations on Membership or Recruitment matters.

5.    Hon. Treasurer.

  • Managing the financial affairs of the NCA as follows:
  • Checking, paying into and managing the NCA’s bank account.
  • Liaising with the Membership on financial matters.
  • Reporting to the Committee on financial matters.
  • Collection, accounting and tracking of Membership Subscriptions.
  • Responsibility for collections & payments in connection with NCA events & activities.
  • Production of Annual Statement of Accounts for the AGM.
  • Liaison with the President, Secretary and Auditor on financial matters.
  • Sharing changes to the Membership List with the Membership Secretary, President and Secretary.
  • Liaison with the Membership Secretary with regard to annual subscriptions.

6.    Hon. Auditor.

  • Auditing the Annual Statement of Accounts prepared by the Treasurer.
  • Annually reviewing the balance sheet, profit and loss.
  • Verifying the cash reserves to the bank statements.
  • Liaising with the Treasurer and President.

7.    Website Manager.

  • Managing the NCA websites <><>:
  • Re-registering the NCA domain annually (with Yola).
  • Renewing the NCA account annually (with Yola).
  • Updating the NCA websites:
  • Information about the Association.
  • Committee information.
  • Events and activities.
  • Photographs.
  • Reporting to the Committee on website matters.
  • Liaising with Cambridge University Alumni Relations.


18.9.16                                                                                                            W. R. Telford