Freshers' Reception 2022

As in 2021, we held this year's Northumbrian Cambridge Society Freshers reception in the convivial Lecture and Loftus rooms of the Literary and Philosophical Society of Newcastle upon Tyne. This allowed for good spacing should large numbers attend, as they did in 2021. Thirteen freshers attended, along with four parents. Travel difficulties and changes to work commitments prevented some from attending. Three committee members and two partners added to the bustle and conversation.

Later arrivals were introduced by NCA committee member Colin Dunnighan and joined conversations easily as a result. Gilbert Cockton welcomed the freshers and parents on behalf of NCA President Heather Cordell. He congratulated the freshers on their success and offered advice on making the most of their time at Cambridge. Other committee members added their advice and encouragement. Freshers were encouraged to attend future NCA events.

Drinks and snacks were provided, along with the usual pens from Cambridge University's Development Office and newsletters and flyers as examples of NCA activities. As ever, we had to work to clear the room for the Lit & Phil caretaker to tidy up.

Discussions with attendees indicated that colleges were not consistent in drawing alumni association events to their freshers' attention. Our own communications with regional schools helped to bring our event to some freshers' attention, while others discovered the event online: one found a Singapore event and wondered if there was anything a little closer to home! We plan to work more closely with colleges to improve communications with 2023 freshers.

Feedback from freshers after the event was very positive:

I had an amazing evening. Thank you!

I had a lovely time yesterday!

I enjoyed yesterday a lot.

It was really nice to go.

As well as introducing later arrivals, Colin Dunnighan took photos of the event.

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