Winter Outing: National Glass Centre, Sunderland

On February 10 2023, we visited the National Glass Centre in Sunderland for a private demonstration of Glass Blowing (top two photos), followed by individual visits to the shop and galleries, and then lunch in the pod (with excellent chips!). The main exhibition was Harvest: Fruit Gathering (bottom two photos). This exhibition featured the work of two of Britain’s leading artists working in hot glass, Rachael Woodman and Neil Wilkin, who have worked collaboratively for almost 40 years, Harvest: Fruit Gathering was their first opportunity to present their work together (

Several of us walked to the river mouth after lunch, through interesting sculptures along the river bank, with a few of us carrying on up the beach and through Roker Park to Seaburn for the metro back to Newcastle. Although somewhat chilly first thing, it warmed up slightly and there were marvellous clear views.

Thank you to Gilbert Cockton, Colin Dunnighan and Bill Telford for the photos on this page.

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